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About the Company

PriceTravel Holding, a tourism group founded in 2000, consists of various lines of business dedicated to creating excellent commercial synergies in Mexico and Colombia. With a presence in Mexico and Colombia, PriceTravel Holding operates at the highest level of professionalism in hotel reservations, dynamic packages, national and international flights, including low-cost airlines, transfers, tours, car rentals, buses, cruises, circuits and travel insurance. PriceTravel Holding uses cutting-edge and proprietary technology to market these products through its multiple sales channels, with a primary focus on the B2C, B2B, B2B2C, and Meetings and Conventions markets; sales channels that generate excellent revenue diversification. The corporate office of PriceTravel Holding is located in Cancun, Mexico with satellite offices in Mexico City, Acapulco, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, as well as in Bogotá, Medellín, and Cali, Colombia. It also has two contact centers located in Cancun, Mexico and Cali, Colombia. Both sites have a high-level Call Center service and infrastructure with an inbound and outbound sales model, where calls from all PriceTravel Holding business units are centralized, with 24/7, year-round attention. As part of its growth and consolidation strategy, in 2012, Nexxus Capital, one of Mexico’s most important investment funds, joined as a shareholder to implement better Corporate Governance through supervision committees and process systematization.

B2C Model

Tourist products aimed at individual consumers, who can explore travel options and make purchases through their websites and, at their 24/7 call centers with year-round attention or at one of the more than 150 sales points located in the main shopping centers in Mexico and Colombia.

B2B Model

In addition to offers made to the general public, PriceTravel Holding has innovative B2B solutions designed especially for the online travel sales and wholesale market: Travelinn (Mexico) and PriceAgencies (Colombia). A unique wholesale services platform, which in addition to integrating all PriceTravel Holding products and services for sale through Travel Agencies, has a rewards and incentive program for travel agents; a sales unit that houses more than 3,000 travel agencies in Mexico and Colombia.

B2B2C Solutions

B2BTravel Program. A comprehensive concept for business partners who wish to integrate a travel services reservation engine into their websites. This business unit is responsible for the development and management of more than 300 sites within this program, which is in full expansion thanks to the excellent service and support it provides. This undoubtedly supported the consolidation of a new business unit in its sales portfolio: Meetings and Conventions Tourism, with the BTC brands.


The PriceTravel executive team is made up of a group of expert professionals who together combine many years of experience in the internet travel, tourism, and hospitality industry:

We promote social responsibility

The corporate office, PriceTravel Holding, knows that the success of a company goes beyond economic expectations. That’s why it adopted an integral vision in which it works together with different people, groups, and institutions to implement practices that contribute to the economic, social, and environmental well-being of its employees and surroundings. In 2011, it formalized this effort by beginning the process of obtaining Recognition as a Socially Responsible Company, which it continues to receive year after year. PriceTravel Holding has committed to its employees, the community, and the environment in the medium and long term, focusing on four pillars: Environment, Community Linkage, Quality of Life, and Ethics and Governance.

We are a great place to work

In 2015, it acquired for the first time the Great Place to Work® designation, which recognizes companies that provide their employees with excellent work environments and has been obtaining it for four years now; without a doubt, PriceTravel is a great place to work. PriceTravel Holding is a rapidly expanding company whose growth and development are possible by always being at the forefront; a challenge that we have been able to overcome with the creativity, innovation, and commitment of each of our more than 1,000 employees.

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