PriceTravel Holding


PriceMedia is the division of PriceTravel Holding that aims to increase the profitability of advertisers by providing them with an online and offline media portfolio to support their marketing objectives, brand positioning, and conversion through the different B2B and B2C sales channels of Latin America's most innovative tourism company.

PriceMedia specializes in creating and implementing customized advertising campaigns that deliver the highest impact while optimizing budgets for OVCs, DMOs, and other advertisers seeking maximum returns on their marketing investments.

Get the best results!

Greater visibility

More extensive coverage

Increased production

Higher Conversion

The 7 principles of PriceMedia

  1. We personally involve ourselves with your results
  2. We understand your business
  3. We stand by your side
  4. We design the right strategies
  5. We are easily accessibly
  6. We solve your problems
  7. We are creative in meeting your needs

The advantages

  1. We have complete knowledge of the Latin American market
  2. We achieve significant audience reach through our multiple sales channels
  3. We plan successful conversion marketing strategies to incentivize purchases through campaigns
  4. We adapt your brand positioning campaigns for your product or destination to generate conversion in a second phase
  5. We are with you throughout the process, because you’re not just a client, you’re our business partner
  6. We use cutting-edge technology to promote your brand